ACEST SITE SE DORESTE A FI UN PROGRAM SOCIAL DE AJUTORARE A ROMANILOR STABILITI IN SCOTIA , CU   SFATURI GRATUITE SI IMPARTIALE . Vom face o obiectiva analiza si referire pentru rezolvarea problemelor dumneavostra direct catre sursele avizate (CAB, PKAVS, WALFARE RIGHTS , JOBCENTRE PLUS ,etc) cum ar fi: locuri de munca, beneficii, locuinte, acte, precum si in alte domenii.

        Tin sa multumesc pe aceasta cale managerului si echipei IT pentru eforturile depuse si si sustinerea voluntara a acestui site- proiect.

Bine ati venit

PKAVS, The Gateway, North Methven Street, Perth, PH1 5PP
T: 01738 567076
PKAVS Minority Communities Hub works in partnership with the local authority and other organisations as the lead group supporting the growing minority communities in Perth and Kinross. It enables people to access local services and play an active role in their communities. We provide:
Multi-lingual information and advice
Referral support for employment, education, finance and health 
Opportunities to improve employment prospects through training and volunteering
Surgeries in areas around Perth & Kinross
English classes, work clubs, cultural activities and much more…

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